Deep Moonlight

Deep in thought. When your thoughts are deep. One can wonder but those who infer to do non the less may be without thought. Think of when you were once in the thick of it. Did you ponder an escape or was the exit obvious. No one asks for negativity nor do they look to seek evil within realms of madness unless possession was a birth right or left arms hold close to the heart wether cold or warm dark or light sky is the limit limitless thoughts arrange in such a way that useless tactics are reflected to endorse ones own reactions. Nonetheless are more when given opportunity to present before ones own beauty. In the eye. Rib eye or round eye who said that. But in the rivers bend out from the surface of flowing water protruded the sacred staff of sucillyious when the rhino pisses on the peacock in the moonlight you will find your center. 


Casey Schearer