How Do You Know

Allow me to ask you ? Have you ever wondered what or who is the real you? Entertain a scenario with me. What if? Now just what if, now you know when your drunk you have no filter or, no control of your actions. Of course if you’ve had too many you might fall or lose your balance vision Is impaired. Ok yes but what if when your filter voice just says things but it’s what actually enters your brain at that moment and you say it. Or. You do it, kiss someone right someone or even simply turn someone around and tell them whatever crosses your mind. Now I think that you, no restraints like when your consciously holding back from telling someone what your thinking or being reserved and calm the urge to five finger slap a person. What those thoughts are purely you. But in everyday life you hold back for the sake of others. You know that little voice that tells you. No problem not a good time or good thing to say or tell someone they look like for the past 72 hours they’ve been kept awake and beaten with pillows by really weak pacifists even when trying to eat. What I’m trying to say or ask is how do you know what do you use to decipher what is really you when time zones change the light flutters between reality and so does what you perceive to be what is to be and be all you can be. That’s is what’s asked if you day in and day out when is enough enough. Gates close at 3 we gotta get to the gate damnit rob. Your always climbing pedals of disaster rubies red and flowing of juicy flavor scents. Taste the colors 


Casey Schearer