Rhino Neck On 6

One time a long time ago the wild trees from the land in foggy dark wet atmosphere type conditions sat the only rhino necked trunk sprouted from the root of lurking demonic evils grown upwards reaching for the clearing above the fog into the heavens wanting so badly to stretch its aching branches only to come back to the earthy blanket that lay upon its toes dinner at 6:45 not a minute later tell the door guy gravy gobblers and he'll know where you need to be and bring you right over no seriously gravy gobblers we do this every year shift change is at 6:45 that's when the Todd no longer the door guy you can say it to the next guy but he might look at you funny extend chicken wing light box stand corner lamp turkey the hollow is a little dark and creepy and the trees are huge the one is the biggest we've ever seen and it's right in the middle thanks for coming along on this adventure unbelievable if your here seriously shit man or ma'am hell you just read that well carry a pigeon it's amazing  cool thanks


Casey Schearer