During the second coming if he cosmic light, Jasper whispered to a herd of chickenducks. He says, Chickens to be ducks but not throw faster than dragons breath. 

You may recall in your second round of thunder curds the stomach rumbles and the muddy waters began to flow. As once told the story of Jasper is non linguistic to the naked ear but rather verbal to any and all lobes probed by the cosmic light. 

Anywho little Sally saw seven sickly sea shoes sewn of the finest fabric silks. Wouldn't you know the muddy tracks led to the nearest restroom on the southern moons side of Seattle's showroom luncheonette. 

Now that your attention is in my grasp I must tell you that I never meant to hurt you. I only tried to wear your eyelids as mine because your beautiful. Jasper is Angelic soul. 

Has anyone wondered what's beyond the cookie jar or just who store the cookie from it. And what kind of cookie. Was it soft or hard or chocolate or peanut butter or a wafer. I suppose this could be investigated another time. 



Casey Schearer