What Gill

When the weight is heavy pulling you into a deep foundation of feathers fluffy and fearless abyssal darkness down to an upwards climb you will ascend from pressure’s unwillingly server serves your entree cold and gloomy atmospheric pressure overwhelms your aura causing the light to seem further away than it really is and ascension is imminent time to flow like water be water and wave toss this weary place never to bathe in goat milk due to medical reasons currently unknown by local scientists and veterinarians worldwide some say the rivers waters are a cure for the soul one ancient story tells how a man no younger than you not much older I might add round about your age give or take a few took a sip n and dip in them thar waters and ever since he I’d say about noon Saturday with them squawking no good nonsense noise makers of a mouth chickenduck knuckles is always a good time real moments like that is just life being shared and the ducklings will come around pond waters nice and cool on bright hot days where else you gonna Just go about your day there’s a long John silver down the interstate a bit. 


Casey Schearer