Gill Wants To Know

At night while you lay your head down for a rest have you ever just felt like you are laying there in HD? The darkness around you brightens your silhouette as you close your eyes simultaneously sparking your mind’s operating system to reimage your last visual. And in that fading picture portrays a feeling, a heightened sense of vibrancy, dark yet well lit and distinguished. So you decide when enough is enough. Maybe you haven’t felt that way, high definition lowly distorted cranial activity and such. Maybe you over thank that moment and just as it past  you wanted it back but it was gone and you realize it would be wise for the next time which can be anytime   Capture the moment. Don’t take for granted time. Time can assassinate you slowly or get you while your not looking. So look  observe take notice. Nature is all within nurture within its nature it becomes nurtured. My point is. Can you feel HD? Emotionally ? Physically   


Casey Schearer