A Special Place

In a spin webbed caught between two thoughts captured hurtful yet therapeutic words or feelings maybe non I mean not meant to comfort but an end to a world of manipulation mental non physical grasp for help it’s only in your head no no no these things happen it’s normal yeah tell yourself it’s ok. And it will be they say. How do they know and who are they but it’s deep isn’t it deeper than you thought now you think there are more you and that maybe that’s they the they you question or consciousness can you have two or more than one to occupy a single mind n body. That’s normal right? Yeah pal that’s not strange at all couple a pills a day nothing sharp soft walls a cozy place not many visitors though and same outfits all the time with an occasional stain or depending on the company accessories differ but same pants n shirt sometimes jacket always the same brand jacket I can’t remember why I have 5 chairs set up it’s only me always looking at the room from a different angle sitting facing different directions then Ted brings the shot glasses funny paper ones don’t last long but the cocktail in them knock you out man never have I ever remember falling asleep


Casey Schearer